Samstag, Juli 31, 2004

Der Moskau Foto-Blog

Mode im Weltraum: Space-Anzüge vom Laufsteg in Moskau

SPIEGEL ONLINE: "Der Raumfahrer von Welt kleidet sich in Moskau ein. Die Russen weben die feinsten Stöffchen und sorgen auch für die Schmutzwäsche-Entsorgung - per Verglühen in der Erdatmosphäre."

EXPRESS.DE: Olympia 2012: IOC-Vorentscheid möglicherweise korrupt

EXPRESS.DE: "Leipzig - Bei der Bewerbung für die Olympischen Spiele 2012 war möglicherweise Bestechung im Spiel."

Freitag, Juli 30, 2004

Coffee Burn Woman Seeks Compensation from McDonalds

MOSNEWS.COM: "A Moscow woman is seeking 120,000 rubles (over $4000) in compensation from the McDonalds corporation after burning herself with a hot beverage she had bought in a McDonalds restaurants, the Gazeta daily reported on Friday. In the USA customers have won lawsuits against the fast-food corporation, receiving huge compensations, though this is the first such case in Russia."

Donnerstag, Juli 29, 2004

Fast-food Joints More Dangerous Than AIDS

“Tell me where you have bought your doner kebab and I will tell you your diagnosis.” Such is the main idea of a hotline opened by the city sanitary and epidemiological inspectorate in Moscow. Epidemiologists complain they are unable to check all outlets and fast-food joints more often than once in two years, hence they pin hopes on ordinary citizens, urging them to report cases of poisoning.